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this movie is really gripping and might be one of the best police movies i’ve seen since Training Day in all honesty. the found footage approach takes a bit to get into but you can’t deny that when this film works it works well. pretty much the polar opposite to Training Day and Street Kings (former David Ayers scripts/films) in which the cops aren’t violent/rule breakers but are true heros without much or any character flaws. Gyllenhaal and Pena have great chemistry (Gyllenhaal is pretty much the Martin Riggs character who gets a great love story with Anna Kendrick and Pena is more conservative) and you get a feeling that these two are like brothers and really care about each other. the rest of the cast of uniformed officers all put in solid work (especially David Harbour as a loner cop and Cody Horn (chick who looked miserable the entire time in Magic Mike) and America Ferrera who feel like they are apart of their own movie and this film is just borrowing them for a period of time (i enjoyed how that worked out). There are some pacing issues here but the acting, writing and character work is so good that you don’t mind and the entire 3rd act comes to an explosive, violent and thrilling climax. highly recommend if you love cop films, the actors and the writer/director of this.